U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc.

Albany-Saratoga Base
American Legion Post #70 34 West Ave Saratoga Springs , N.Y. 12866

Meetings every 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Minutes from November 2007

Meeting called to order by Base Cdr. Singleman at 1903.  Invocation by Chaplain Irwin.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all members and the Tolling of the Boats was read by Chaplain Irwin.  Members of the base introduced themselves and boats served on.  WWII Veteran Ray Koch was asked to stand and be recognized.  The October minutes were noted and a motion was made by Fred Carlson to accept the minutes as published, seconded by Fritz Feldhaus.  Treasures Report was given by Treasurer Carlson – an abbreviated report will be at the end of these minutes.  Storekeeper Diane Singleman reported that there was one calendar left for sale and should anyone wish to order one as well as shirts, hats, etc. to contact her.  

Sr Vice Commander Fritz Feldhaus has reviewed the book “And The Baker’s Boy Went to Sea” and reported that this was good reading for ages 10 and up -“Highly Recommended” was his comment.   The book my be ordered and you will receive a DVD with a WWII interview with a Submariner.  Ordering info is at end of minutes.  

Cdr. Singleman reported that we are almost there with all the paperwork involved with the Albany/Saratoga Memorial Foundation - middle of December is the goal.  Next big issue will be the location,  still working with the idea for the Niagara Mohawk “brown field” in Saratoga ,  Northway Exit 12 in Malta and still looking for new locations.


The 2007 Christmas Meeting/Party will be held on December 19th and will  catered by Associate Member Tom Ondek. The cost will be $15.00 per head.  If you are interested in going please advise Diane Singleman  with a head count and remit a check to her at:  425 East Campbell Road Ext., Schenectady , NY 12303-4307 .  This should be done as soon as possible so Tom can put together his shopping list and has some working cash for purchases.  There will also be a need for a working party, if you would like to volunteer let Diane know.

John Christopher gave an update on the Golf Fundraiser.  A team has been formed consisting of John, Ken DeBeaumont , John Mishoe, Walt Taylor and Walt Forney.  On December 12th members from the Sunbelt Tour will come and talk and have a meeting with Saratoga National regarding this event.   

Liability Insurance is still an issue that is being looked at not only for our base but for all bases within USSVI.

Kaps for Kids is across USSVI.  A presentation will be made in the near future at The Double H Ranch and the local Ronald McDonald House.  It was agreed that our monthly 50/50 money would go to the purchase of Kaps.  You can also purchase one from Storekeeper Diane for $10.00.  It was also stated that our Nov/Dec 50/50 profit would be sent to USSVI members who lost homes in the recent California fires.

Boat Sponsor - We presently support the USS Albany and the West Milton site - each location receives three copies of the American Submariner.

All existing base officials will remain in office for 2008.

Base Commander                Al Singleman

Sr. Vice Commander            Fritz Feldhaus

Jr. Vice Commander            Ray Koch

Secretary                          Mike Lynett

Treasurer                          Fred Carlson

Noteworthy:    The USSVI Charitable Foundation is a foundation that is used to support Submariners in need, the Scholarship Fund and many other good causes.  They are in need of our support.  Send a check which is tax deductible.

Meeting adjourned at 2055.

                   Our next meeting/Christmas party will be held       

                             On December 19th at 1900

Submitted by Albany/Saratoga Base Secretary
Mike Lynett USN (Ret)

Treasurer’s Report
Cash on hand                             $    67.00
Checking Account (net  asset)       $1153.90
Base CD                                     $6260.30
Memorial Fund Money Market Act  $39915.58
Memorial Fund Checking Act            $822.33

Stock                                 64.369 shares

And the Baker’s Boy Went to Sea Ordering Info

Order from the St. Paul address for USSVI SPECIAL: free CD interview with WWII subvet: And the Baker's Boy Went to Sea, by Mary Cummings. $16.95 + $3.00 Shipping/Handling

Sparkling Press 
137 East Curtice St
St. Paul , MN 55107  

order from: 
: 651-227-5248, or 

sparklingpress@peoplepc.com , or:

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